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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Great Wall

Today was a very long day! We gathered all of our things and replaced them very carefully in our suitcases so that we could meet the in country 44lb weight limit. Our guide and driver met us at the hotel at 9:40 am to begin our journey to the Great Wall. The vastness of it was unbelievable! We happened to be there at a time when the visibility was low but I think it made it even more mysterious and kept us wandering what was around the next watch tower. Our fatigue from traveling quickly got the best of us and we stopped a few times on the way back to the Cable car. We made our way down through the narrow pathway lined with vendors yelling T-shirt $1. Our guide, and driver joined us for the most delicious meal yet. We ordered several things and shared them all. After lunch we headed for the airport where we had about a 2 hour wait for our flight. We said goodbye to our guide, Alice to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for all of the help navigating though Beijing. She was a wealth of knowledge and a joy to spend time with. Our airplane was stuck on the runway for over an hour waiting for our place in line. We finally arrived in Nanchang about 9:00. We grabbed our suitcases and met our guide for the week. Her name is Mary and she is kind and has a gentle way about her that I think will be a big help to us when Jia arrives at our hotel at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. (that is 3 am Sunday morning at home). Mary said that she had been to our orphanage and has met Jia! She said that Jia is very cute! We are sooo excited and can't wait for tomorrow to come. Goodnight all! Sweet dreams Braeton, Hannah, Conner, Casey and Jia! We love you!

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