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Monday, April 16, 2012

Making our LOA wait productive!

We have launched a new online adoption community!  There are so many helpful groups that we are a part of that provide so much valuable information to the adoption community.  One gap that we have found is that there isn't one group/site that serves as a central portal for all types of adoption information.  We found ourselves doing research about the paper chase on one site, looking up currency conversions on another, travel info on another, cleft specific info on another, and the list goes on.  We have put together a site that serves as a portal to all of this information and more!  The site isn't complete and there are a number of features on the roadmap that will be released later in the year but we feel it is a good start and provides a different experience for the adoption community.  Our site is!  Here are a few features I think are particularly cool:
  • ·       Single sign on.  Already have a Facebook, Yahoo, Google, or Twitter account?  You can sign on using those accounts.
  • ·       There is an advocacy group to advocate for waiting children.
  • ·       Want to calculate how long you have been waiting for LOA/TA/LID?  We have a “days passed calculator” to help you out.
  • ·       There is a currency calculator on the site
  • ·       Rumor Queen has a lot of great information!  In recognizing that, we have embedded a real-time Twitter stream showing all of Rumor Queens Tweets!  Simply click on the tab labeled “twitter stream” to see and Rumor Queen tweets!
  • ·       Just like Facebook, you have your own page called “My Page” and it will highlight your existing word press or Blogger blog!  In addition, you can add photos, videos, and links. 
  • ·       There are existing forums I have created with discussion topics such as fundraising, travel tips for Guangzhou, and a cleft lip/palate forum.  Would you like to see an additional group created or forum added?  Simply add your own by clicking “Add”
  • ·       Adoption-Community is 100% integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, etc…  you have the option to post your adoption-community comments, likes, and topics to any of these social networks with one click.
  • ·       Adoption-Community has live chat!  You will be very familiar with the interface.  The chat engine is just like Facebook.
  • ·       There is a section for gotcha day videos so feel free to share your special moment with the group or add one that you have found elsewhere.

Again, we have only been live for a few days and there are a lot of additional features on the roadmap that will be released this year.  A few of the more notable ones are:
  • ·       Interactive table that allows you to sort by agency, province, LOI before LID, LOI before PA, etc…  to see current wait times between stages
  • ·       A featured section for adoption fundraisers
  • ·       A featured writer section
  • ·       A section with sample forms for LOI, I-800A, I-800, Visa form, etc…
  • ·       Agency spotlight
  • ·       And much more!

Have a look around, feel free to tell your friends and spread the word!  If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to send me a message through the site or click on the "idea" tab at the top of the page and submit your idea!  My goal is to make this a community that works for its members and has the content they need.


The Taylor family

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