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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The waiting game...

We have been very busy with adoption stuff, soccer games, volunteering for our children's school, work, etc...  and unfortunately our blog updates have suffered as a result :-)  We have made great progress with the adoption!  OUR HOMESTUDY IS COMPLETE!  We are sending off for the I-800A approval tomorrow, getting the last of our documents notarized for the dossier next Tuesday, I will then take the notarized documents to Indy on Thursday and have them certified (where the state looks at all of the notarized documents and certifies that the people who notarized them are in fact official notaries).  Once they are certified, we will drive the certified documents to the Chinese Consulate to be authenticated...  I know...  very confusing...  Our goal is to have our dossier ready to submit is prior to end of November.

A complete dossier requires immigration approval (I-800A approval) however, we are submitting the dossier minus the approval to speed the process up.  Our dossier will be reviewed and pending approval of a successful I-800A.  Once we receive I-800A approval, which is taking on average 45-60 days, we send the approval and are eligible to be matched as soon as China logs our dossier!  :-)

So, minus a trip to Indy and Chicago, the next 60 days is a lot of waiting.  The paper chase is close to over!

Thank you for all of your support.  We will try to get some photos of the Chinese cultural festival we attended on the site this weekend.

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