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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home study starts next week!

The first milestone in the adoption process starts next week.  We have chosen a hague certified adoption home study provider in Indiana.  A home study takes anywhere from 1 - 3 months to complete and is a fairly extensive process.  This process involves education and preparation as well as the gathering of information about the prospective parents.  We have to gather a number of financial documents, health certifications, criminal background checks, fingerprinting, references, family photos, (take a breath)... multiple in home visits, interviews, Hague training, and the list goes on...  The task seems daunting at first but we are going into this process with a very positive attitude.  I have already been pushed to take action on a number of household items that I have "been meaning to get around to" for a while now.

While I have a house full of children, they are not little anymore and I quickly realized that my house needs "child proofed".  Broken plastic ring on the play set, fixed.  Apparently little kids do not do well with big steps and require a gate to keep them safe...  Who knew!  <-- a joke of course...  I found use for the plastic electrical outlet protectors I have "been meaning to get rid of" for a while now :-)  While I was 'in the fixing mood" my wife took the opportunity to get a few items, not related to the home study, knocked off the list as well.  If I ever see another bag of landscaping rocks I might scream!

Keep posted!  

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